FourFour Two: Telstra is making a push to make its own phones & telecommunications

FourFour2 is reporting Telstra has been looking to bring its own smartphone line to market in recent months, and it’s now pushing for the same to happen for its mobile phones & cellular networks.

The telco says it wants to bring phones & telecoms to market “at the same time as its own products” but is also “exploring opportunities” for its network.

The move comes as Telstra launches a new range of mobile phones from the company’s existing lineup, including the ZTE Z1, with plans to release more in the coming weeks.

The company has also recently announced that it plans to launch its own smart phones, which are expected to come with more of the same functionality.

In the US, Telstra launched its own phone line called Telstra Mobile last month, and in the UK, the company launched the UK Mobile plan earlier this month.

The phone line will come with the same 5G LTE speeds, with a 3G version to follow later this year.

It also supports 4G and HSPA+ networks, and comes with a number of new features, including a faster camera, a 3D Touch-enabled keyboard, and a 4G-capable 3G handset.

There are currently no plans to make phones for the US and UK yet.

More: Telstar has launched a line of smart phones & mobile phones, but they’re all for its existing customers source FourThreeOne

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