How can you make sure your smartphone is not spying on you?

It’s a tricky proposition.

If you use a mobile device that has a camera, the security features it provides can be turned off by setting the camera to “silent” mode.

This prevents your phone from recording video while you are using it, and also from automatically scanning your device when you move or turn the screen off.

You can also change the camera’s aperture and shutter speed by changing settings in the settings app.

But this is no panacea, as some users report, as they have found out.

What if I don’t want my phone to be tracked?

The good news is that you can disable the camera completely.

The camera can be hidden or disabled entirely, though, if you want to ensure that it remains on and doesn’t record your face.

To disable the phone’s camera completely, go to Settings > Camera > Security & Privacy > Camera and disable the feature.

If that doesn’t work, try enabling the camera only after you have enabled it.

If all else fails, you can also turn off the camera by going to Settings and then General > Camera & Video.

When you turn off your phone’s cameras, it will no longer record videos.

You should also take care not to share video on social media and the like.

But there’s no easy fix for this: there’s a good chance that it will be tracked by other devices.

For example, some phones have built-in cameras that record video of your phone.

It’s also possible that other devices might be recording your face using the camera.

If this happens, it’s best to delete your video.

You’ll need to get permission to upload the video.

If your phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S7 or Galaxy Note7, you’ll need the S8 and S7 Plus firmware updates to turn the camera off.

For the Samsung Galaxy Note8, you must upgrade to the S9 firmware, which comes with Samsung’s facial recognition feature.

To turn off facial recognition, go into Settings > Privacy & Security > Camera.

There, you need to enable “no facial recognition”.

However, it is possible to disable facial recognition in Samsung’s software, too.

Once you have the camera disabled, the next thing you need is a good microphone.

If the phone has a microphone, you will need to set it to silent mode by going into Settings and tapping the microphone icon.

You will then need to turn it on.

When the phone is silent, you should now hear a low, squeaky sound.

If it’s not, it may have been recording your voice while you were moving.

If so, turn off recording while you’re moving and then turn it back on.

The phone will then automatically turn itself off again.

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