How to apply for a Telstra SIM card

A Telstra phone SIM card is one of the best ways to save money when buying a new phone. 

While you may not be able to use it to buy a new smartphone or tablet, it is still a great way to save up for a phone you might need in the future. 

Telstra offers SIM cards for sale through its website, but if you want to buy one from a retailer, it may not come as much of a surprise to learn that there are SIM cards available for a limited time on sale. 

The first SIM card to be sold on the Black Friday sale was the Telstra Silver SIM, which was available for €3,955.20 (AU$5,957.40) at Zellers.

The next SIM card was the Blackberry Gold SIM, priced at €4,999.20 at B&M. 

A couple of months later, the Telastar SIM card came to the Black Saturday sale, priced between €4 and €7,995 at Zillow.

You can also find them on sale at Bunnings, on sale for $3,499 at Zervos and on sale in the US for $2,999 (AU $3.4k). 

The Black Friday promotion will end on February 17, but the Black Sunday sale is set to start on February 28. 

What do you do if you buy a Telco SIM card? 

If you buy one of these cards, you can use it in any Telstra network in Australia. 

You can use the SIM card with any Telco phone, including Telstra’s own SIM card for customers in the UK. 

If the SIM is on sale, you will get an email from Telstra with the offer and your SIM card will be automatically credited. 

This means that you can simply use your Telstra number to make calls, texts and make international calls, as well as call and send SMS messages. 

But the best part of the Black Thursday deal is that you’ll get a free Telstra Sim card for any Telstar SIM card that you buy. 

There’s also a Telstar Visa SIM card on sale that you will also be able use in Australia, but you will have to pay a higher fee to use that card. 

For example, if you use a Telstel Visa card for a domestic call, the fee will be €10 ($13) for a year, and you will only be able transfer a maximum of €1,000 from that card per month. 

It is also worth noting that Telstra offers a range of SIM cards to suit different needs and budgets. 

One of the SIM cards offered by Telstra in Australia is the Telstar Gold SIM card, which costs €4.99 (AU £3.55) at B & M. Another Telstra card is the Silver Telstar card, priced from €5.99 ($6.50) at Telstra. 

Both of these SIM cards are eligible for a 50% discount off the retail price of Telstra products. 

As for the Telferthar SIM, it’s available for $1,999 ($2,399) at the Bunnies. 

 But if you’re looking to buy the Telstellar Silver Telstra Visa SIM, you’ll need to spend about $2.50 (AU €2.75) at A&B in Australia for the SIM. 

Finally, you could also buy a SIM card from a third party for around $4.49 (AU Rs 4.99) at Walmart. 

Some Telstra customers have been finding that the Black Monday offer doesn’t offer as many discounts as the Black Tuesday and Telstra Easter sale do, so you might want to check back for a similar deal on Black Friday. 

How to get the cheapest Telstra handset deal? 

There are many other ways to get a cheaper Telstra device, but these are the cheapest options. 

Find the cheapest Black Friday Black Saturday deal

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