How to avoid being a 911 caller

When you’re trying to dial 911, the first thing you want to do is dial the right number.

But it’s easy to miss that one.

So here’s how to be on the right side of the law.


Always dial 911 on the same line as the emergency operator.

You can dial the same number on your cell phone or a wireless device.

The problem is that some emergency operators don’t call 911 on their own lines.

If you’re not a 911 call taker, you’re also unlikely to know which emergency operator is calling.

Callers in other countries may call 911 by dialing their own phones and calling in the country.

When you dial 911 in your own country, you can call the number listed on the caller’s cell phone bill.

That’s where the 911 numbers for 911 call centers are.

You’ll find the 911 number in the cell phone bills, and if you’re outside of the U.S., the phone numbers are listed in the phone book for your city.


Never dial 911 from your phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

Your 911 call will only be recorded on the 911 network if you dial in from your device.

If your phone is not on the network, your 911 call won’t be recorded.


If a 911 operator is not in the area, call the emergency line.

The emergency operator may be out of phone range or not have a cell phone signal.

If that’s the case, you may be able to make a call to a 911 dispatcher on the other end of the line.

In some countries, a 911 dispatch will be a phone number in your address book.


Never hang up the phone.

This is especially true for those who are elderly, disabled, or deaf.

When a 911 provider hangs up, you’ll have to hang up and try again later.


If the emergency call is a suicide call, tell the operator that you’re the caller.

The 911 operator will usually be able and willing to call back, but it’s a good idea to tell them the truth.

The operator may think you’re just making up the 911 call.


Always stay on the line as long as possible.

911 calls take time to complete.

Make sure you’re calling 911 on time.

You may need to wait up to five minutes for an operator to respond.

If someone is using an emergency number that you didn’t dial, try dialing the emergency number instead.


Call 911 on your home phone.

It’s easy for you to dial a 911 emergency number from your home.

When an emergency operator tells you that they are calling from your cellphone, you will be able make a 911 phone call from your smartphone.

If an emergency call isn’t available, your cellphone may not have an emergency phone number.


Keep the call log and your records to yourself.

Even if you don’t have a cellphone, it’s wise to keep the logs of calls you make on the phone you’re using to track down who is calling you.

If it’s your cell, you should record any calls you’ve made to 911 as well as any calls from your cell that weren’t recorded.

The caller ID that you enter on the back of the phone will tell 911 that the number was received.


Never send text messages.

This can be a serious mistake.

A 911 call can be recorded by a person on the street or in a store, but a text message can only be sent by the person who sent the message.

When it comes to sending text messages to 911, you must follow the following rules: 1.

When sending a text, keep the message short.

Make the message clear and specific to the caller and the caller is the person on whose behalf you are trying to contact. 2

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