How to help Nebraska farmers in the wake of a massive farm fraud

The state is struggling to find the right people to help its struggling farmers and farmers’ markets.

And, as it did with the recent crop fraud, some are calling for more help from the federal government.

On Wednesday, the Department of Agriculture announced it will give grants to more than 150 Nebraska farmers, who will be able to use technology to create the kind of mobile apps that help farmers get around their farms.

The Nebraska Department of Financial Management is the lead agency for the grants.

The state will receive about $8 million in the first year and $3.6 million in each of the next two years, according to the announcement.

The money will go to farmers and their contractors, which will be paid by the state.

The department will use the money to pay for hardware and software to help farmers track and identify the best way to deliver their crops to farmers.

The department will also develop a pilot program for farmers to use data analytics tools to help them improve the way they deliver crops.

The program is intended to help state agriculture departments save money on marketing and other expenses.

“The grants will help us ensure we are meeting our financial obligations, and it will enable us to hire additional staff and equipment to further improve the operations of our farmers markets and agricultural education programs,” Nebraska Secretary of Agriculture David Stivers said in a statement.

The announcement came just days after the U.S. Department of Justice announced it would pay $10 million in a settlement to help settle lawsuits brought by farmers, the state and the state’s public safety department.

The settlement comes after the DOJ accused the state of failing to adequately investigate and hold accountable farmers who are accused of farm fraud.

The USDA has been investigating allegations that more than 100 farmers were defrauded out of millions of dollars in sales of their crops by a network of people called the Farmers’ Cooperative Improvement Association, or FCIA.

The lawsuit claimed the FCIA defrapped farmers by falsely promising them lucrative contracts.

The lawsuit was settled for a record $8.4 million in April, and the Department said it was “deeply disappointed” in the DOJ’s decision to settle.

The DOJ said the FCIAs had engaged in “a pattern and practice of false and fraudulent marketing tactics that resulted in the fraudulent loss of hundreds of millions in sales to farmers.”

The Justice Department said that the FCIU “promises to buy products at competitive prices from farmers, but instead they offer false and misleading promises of superior quality, with no benefit for the farmers in return.”

Federal agents raided the offices of FCIA and seized nearly $4 million of fraudulent farm products.

In total, the DOJ said, the group stole $852 million from U.N. aid programs, which were used to help more than 5.4m farmers, including nearly 1.6m who are at risk of fraud.

Some states have been making progress in combating the fraud, but others are still struggling.

The USDA has spent $3 million on new technology and other programs to help states better track and prevent fraud, and $5 million has been spent on training, education and job training for law enforcement officials.

The agency said that while Nebraska had a “tremendous” backlog of cases, the program would not be able at this time to track down every case.

The State of Nebraska will use $2.2 million from the USDA grants to support a pilot study of mobile application technology and the development of mobile data analytics to help local law enforcement better identify and disrupt fraud in the field.

The grant will allow the State of Montana to launch a pilot pilot program to help improve the use of mobile analytics by state and local law-enforcement.

The Montana State Police will be awarded another $3,000 for training and data analytics, according the announcement, which said the pilot will also use mobile technology to help law enforcement track and stop fraud.

The State of Idaho will receive $5,000 to develop software that will help law-to-crime investigations, the announcement said.

A new $3 billion cybersecurity fund will help states and localities build the necessary tools to better combat cybercrime and cybersecurity threats.

The new cybersecurity initiative will include $1.6 billion for the Federal Communications Commission, and a $500 million program to improve cybersecurity for federal government networks.

The program will also include $500,000 and $400,000 each to the U-M and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to improve cyber security and strengthen cybersecurity capabilities at the two institutions.

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