How to keep your family safe during a disaster

A father is mourning the loss of his young daughter after a freak storm sent her into a coma.

The 24-year-old’s father, Roberto, and his brother, who was also in the house, suffered serious injuries.

A woman, also in a similar state, was taken to hospital, but is not in a condition to recover.

“The first thing I said to my wife was, ‘Please come home so we can mourn,’ ” Roberto told La Repubblica.

We lost a daughter and a brother, but we will be fine. “

She went home and the rest is history.

I am sorry to everyone who lost a child.””

I’m sure that if my wife came to me, she would cry.

I am sorry to everyone who lost a child.”

A week ago, the family moved to the coastal town of San Filippo to look after their daughter and granddaughter, who had a congenital condition.

They were also expecting a son, who is now four.

“She was just a normal baby.

She was born with a very small head, a small heart, and a tiny head,” Roberto told the newspaper.

“When I saw her, I was speechless.”

The father was able to deliver a baby boy by caesarean section.

“He has a head that looks like a baseball.

I don’t know how I am going to hold him in my arms,” Roberto said.

“But we have to carry him and support him.”

Roberto’s wife, Maria, is in a critical condition in hospital, where she is receiving intensive care.

She is also in critical condition.

“We are lucky because we are able to support each other and be a team,” he said.

Roberto said that his wife is very brave and has been able to endure the ordeal.

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