How to tell if your phone is being monitored by a surveillance system

A few years ago, the internet was still a small and underfunded part of the US economy.

Now, it’s more than a quarter of the country’s economy.

The technology has come a long way in just a few years, and many US companies have embraced it.

But how do you know if you’re being watched?

The US Department of Commerce says the answer is pretty easy: it depends on who’s spying on you.

The US government has long been using wiretaps to spy on suspected terrorists, but in recent years, surveillance of businesses and individuals has become a more widespread feature.

Companies like Facebook and Google have been doing this for years, but they’ve mostly used their services for targeted marketing.

That’s why Facebook recently decided to pull ads from some of its advertisers, and Google has stopped paying its employees to use its data.

Companies that use a lot of social media for business have also been doing it for years.

But since 2012, the government has increasingly targeted them, too.

As of February, the FBI and the National Security Agency had collected 1.2 trillion pieces of information from social media companies, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The NSA and FBI are collecting a total of 1.6 trillion pieces every day.

And a third of the companies tracked have been found to be providing surveillance services to the government, the Wall St Journal reported.

Some companies have started to break down the privacy implications of the surveillance, saying they’re now more comfortable using encryption.

But it’s hard to know if companies are actually complying with the rules.

There are several ways to determine whether your phone has been spied on:There are two ways to look at it: either your phone was connected to a surveillance server, or your phone’s location has been recorded.

If your phone or device was connected, it would be possible to track the exact time and location of your location.

But if you didn’t have your phone in a certain place, it could also be possible for a server to record your location even when it wasn’t connected to your phone.

Another way to look is to look for specific types of calls, like text messages or phone calls.

If you had a text message or a phone call, it might be possible that the surveillance server could see it, and thus it might even be possible (and perhaps even probable) that the phone was being tracked.

If you had an IP address (or an address on a device that could be linked to your physical location), it might also be easy to find out where the phone is located.

The government has been collecting and storing that information for a number of years, so it could be possible if you used a specific VPN, for example.

The most important thing is that you don’t allow your phone to be tracked, said Josh Drake, an attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union, which represents customers who have been the subject of surveillance orders.

The best way to protect yourself is to be completely transparent about your location, Drake told the Associated Press.

The only way to be 100% transparent is to make sure that you can prove it.

Companies can use “data-collection tools” like the ones Apple and Google use to collect the content of your communications, Drake said.

The US government uses a similar tool, called a data breach notification program, which is supposed to notify customers that they have been surveilled.

But companies can also use encryption, and it can be very difficult to determine if they’ve actually complied with the law.

Drake noted that the NSA’s surveillance program in particular is extremely difficult to crack.

“The government can’t access all of the information that it has collected from every single company that uses encryption,” he said.

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