Illinois ISP says it has no plans to implement new state law covering data privacy

Illinois’ public ISP is taking a cautious approach to the state’s data privacy law, according to a recent article by TechCrunch.

Illinois’ Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), the state agency tasked with ensuring that the law is in place, issued a statement Friday, saying it does not plan to enforce any of the provisions of the law that were put into effect on December 10.

“We have not been contacted by the commission regarding implementation plans,” a spokesperson for CITC said.

“We are committed to maintaining our regulatory oversight and are working with state legislators and others to pass legislation that provides stronger protections for consumers.”

The company cited a recent report from the Illinois Public Interest Research Group that found the legislation would not address consumer privacy concerns.

In addition, the agency said that “no data will be transmitted to the public via a cable, fiber optic cable, wireless network, or other means, including through social media, unless that data is in the public interest.”

Illinois is the fifth state to enact a privacy law in recent years, following Arizona, California, Georgia, and Maryland.

The state’s privacy law will now be on the books for the first time, though it’s unclear when the next update will be made.

Illinois currently has the highest rate of data retention in the country.

The current law is one of the most expansive in the nation, and it will require that ISPs turn over their customer’s browsing history, device history, and even the IP address of every user on the network to the CITCs privacy office.

The company is currently looking into a number of new options to help it implement its privacy policy, and is looking into how to better protect against state surveillance efforts.

The ISP is now in the process of updating its privacy policies to better reflect its policy and comply with new state legislation.

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