Quartz: Apple, Microsoft, and Google are working together to build a smart phone

Posted March 25, 2020 06:28:38Apple, Microsoft and Google have been working together on a phone with the ability to track everything from a user’s location to the location of their friends, a new report says.

The collaboration, dubbed the “Google and Apple” project, will involve Apple and Google’s hardware partners, as well as a third party, according to Quartz.

Google has been working with a company called Tidal that will develop the phone.

The project is part of Google’s broader push into the emerging smartphone market.

The project will involve working with Google’s “big three” partners, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, according a report by Quartz.

It will also involve work from a third-party, including Tidal, which will develop and support the hardware and software for the phone, according Quartz.

Quartz notes that Tidal is a subsidiary of Microsoft.

Microsoft will be building the phone itself, according the report.

Microsoft and Apple, which also have hardware partners working on their own phones, are also working on a Windows 10 device that will use Google’s Android operating system.

The Google and Apple phone will use Qualcomm chipsets.

Qualcomm will be providing the phone’s chipsets for the project.

Google has also been working on its own hardware devices that are more akin to the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, Quartz reported.

Quartz says Google is working on an Android phone that uses Intel chipsets instead of Qualcomm chips.

Apple and Microsoft are also collaborating on an iOS phone, the Quartz report says, but the projects have not been announced.

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