What’s in a name? A few things to know about the Federal Communications Commission’s name change

In 2015, President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans tried to roll back Obama-era regulations that sought to keep the nation’s wireless and wireline networks from collapsing under the strain of increasing data usage.

They were unsuccessful.

So in the new year, the FCC was ready to change its name.

Now, it’s called the Federal Trade Commission.

 That’s right.

What’s a Federal Trade Commision?

The Federal Trade Commissioner is the regulator tasked with enforcing federal law.

The agency has been known as the FTC for decades, and the name change was officially announced Tuesday.

The commission was created to enforce laws, regulations and policies related to consumer protection, consumer choice and competition, and fair and equitable treatment of all types of trade, said FTC Commissioner Jessica Rich, who was sworn in Tuesday.

The FCC is not a government agency.

The commission’s mandate is to “deter and protect the public interest” through enforcement of laws, rules, regulations, and policies relating to consumer choice, fair and equal treatment, and competition.

“Consumers should have the choice to choose where they use their wireless or wired communications service, whether they have access to a wireless network or whether they pay extra for a data connection,” Rich said in a statement.

A lot has changed in the last three decades, but one thing remains the same: The FCC has been focused on protecting the consumer.

And it’s time to re-embrace the FTC’s mission.

This is the FCC, not the FTC.

The agency is one of the nation’ts biggest and most powerful consumer protection agencies.

It’s the FCC that helps protect consumers from unfair and deceptive practices in the marketplace, helps make sure businesses are operating in a fair and reasonable manner and regulates interstate commerce.

Its mission includes regulating internet providers and telecommunication providers, and it’s tasked with helping ensure consumers have access and control over their personal data and personal communications.

It’s a mandate that has been under heavy pressure from Republican lawmakers who have tried to make the FCC more like the FTC, said Rich.

We’re not going to change the name to the FTC because we don’t believe in change,” Rich added.

In the first half of this century, the FTC has been in charge of regulating more than 3,000 companies, consumer groups, consumer advocates and other groups, including the Consumer Technology Association, the American Association of University Women, the Consumer Federation of America and the National Association of Manufacturers.

Since the FCC’s inception, it has won some landmark court cases, such as a case that held that internet providers could block access to websites without consent.

During the Obama administration, the commission also had some controversial rulings, including a ruling that blocked the FCC from regulating broadband internet service.

After President Trump was inaugurated in January, he said the FCC should be called the FTC to honor his predecessor’s legacy.

When he became president, Trump said he was “reluctant” to change his name.

He called it “the best name in the world.”

The FCC said it will begin issuing new names for its agencies in March, but didn’t provide any details.

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