When telcos will face tougher telco competition rules

The telecom industry is set to take the wraps off the launch of a telco-branded website aimed at attracting more customers.

The telcos association for telecommunications, Genesys, is launching the telco brand website in the hope that more companies will look to Telstra for help in their growth.

The website will be launched on Monday and will be available on a free trial period starting on November 20, and can be accessed from the telcos website.

The telco association is hoping the launch will help Telstra and its competitors catch up with its customers.

“Telstra is currently on the frontlines of the global telco industry and we are determined to help them grow and compete more effectively,” said K Srinivasan, general secretary of the association.

The Telstra-branded site is a direct response to the Telstra takeover of BroadbandOne.

The merger will give Telstra a larger footprint in the country.

The company is expected to bring in a number of services, including video conferencing, virtual and augmented reality, smart home technologies, and a range of services and applications, including online retail.

The two sides also hope the launch can help Telcos diversify their customer base.

Telstra, which is currently the largest mobile network operator in the world, has struggled to get customers to switch over to its services.

The telco is trying to attract more people through its cheaper prices and the promise of better speed.

Last week, Telstra said it would offer a free data trial on the Telcos website for Telstra customers to get an idea of how it is working with customers.

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