When the SIC code comes to mind: ‘It is something you can’t see’

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan is hopeful the new codes will provide a boost for football, but says the AFL is not ready to commit to anything yet.

“It’s something that we’ve been discussing and we’re not in a position to commit at this stage,” McLachlin said.

“I think the codes are a fantastic thing for football.

It’s going to be fantastic to see what it does for the AFL, but we’re going to have to wait and see.”

McLachline said he had spoken to the AFL about how the new code would impact the game, but would not be able to comment until the AFL had implemented it.

“We haven’t actually put the new AFL codes into effect yet,” he said.

“We’ve got a number of issues that we’re looking at, and those issues have not been addressed by the AFL yet.”

McLacklan said the AFL needed to “work out how they want to work with the code” before committing to anything.

The AFL has already announced the new rules for next season, including the introduction of new rules governing footy’s concussion protocols, which will be rolled out in 2018.

However, the AFL has not yet revealed how the changes will work.

The game is set to receive a boost in its concussion policies, with new rules in place for head injuries and the introduction, along with the introduction and roll out of new concussion protocols.

“What the AFL are announcing is they are going to introduce a new concussion protocol,” McLechlan said.

Photo: Wayne Ludbey It’s not yet known whether the new protocols will be introduced at the end of 2018 or whether they will be extended through 2020.

“The AFL is really working on these new protocols,” McLochlin said, when asked whether the AFL was considering an extension to the current protocol.

“There’s a whole number of protocols that are in place.

There are all sorts of things that the AFL’s working on to try and make sure they’re up to the standard of what’s required in the game.”

There’s still a number that have to be worked out, there’s still stuff that needs to be done before we can really have an idea of what the AFL will do in the coming months and years.

“AFL chief executive Gillon Smith says the league is exploring how the codes would impact on the game Source: AAP More: The Conversation

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