Which parts of the Communications Act apply to broadband?

A big question heading into the 2016 elections is whether to change or not the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which passed the House of Representatives and the Senate and the President signed into law in 1996.

In the past, the Communications Bureau’s chief has warned that the changes would have a “huge impact” on broadband.

But that warning appears to have gone unheeded.

The Communications Act is not one of the major pieces of legislation Congress passed in 2016.

Under the Communications Modernization Act of 2016, passed the day before President Donald Trump signed it into law, telecommunications providers could offer unlimited internet access, without restrictions.

This means that they could offer broadband service at speeds of up to 100 Mbps, a speed that’s more than 10 times faster than the previous record-high speeds set by Comcast in 2015.

That’s still only a small fraction of what we can expect from broadband services in the years ahead.

“There’s not a lot of debate around the issue of broadband,” Michael Weinberg, executive director of the consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge, told Business Insider.

“We think the issue is settled.”

But it’s still not clear whether the changes that were passed in the Communications and Technology Act, which was also signed into Law, will apply to the Internet.

Some lawmakers have argued that the Communications Broadband Act was written specifically for broadband, and that it would not be affected by changes to the Telecommunications act.

There are a few key differences between the Communications act and the Telecommunications bill, however.

For one, the Telecommunications acts is intended to cover both the telecommunications and internet industries.

It is, in effect, the same thing, with the Communications acts applying to both.

While the Telecommunications legislation is meant to provide consumer protections to consumers, the Communication Act applies to both the Internet and telecommunications industries.

That means that telecommunications companies can offer unlimited data services for free or charge customers extra fees for those services.

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